About Me

Hello there... 

I'm Sarah, a 20-something west country girl who made a move to London and since moved back to the wild ol' west. 

I studied Psychology at University which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I've always felt myself the creative type and I'm enjoying applying that to my little corner of the internet as well as my career.

I began this blog in the months after I graduated, as I wanted an outlet for my creativity and a space to call my own. It began as a baking and beauty blog, I enjoyed sharing my recipes and my thoughts on my favourite beauty products. Since then it has evolved and I have found myself branching out into different topics which my readers enjoyed and I thoroughly enjoyed writing about. I still enjoy baking and sharing recipes, I'm still very much into beauty but I also thoroughly enjoy eating out, travelling, bullet journalling, shopping (mainly for homewares), even politics and current affairs - so expect posts on those and everything in-between. 

I blog at least once a week, sometimes twice if I fancy, with no particular set routine. I'm active on social media - sharing too many pictures on Instagram, my verbal diarrhoea on Twitter, and pinning mostly about blogging, bullet journalling, travel and cakes (...mostly cakes) on Pinterest. 

I have also thrown a blogger event, the Blogger Picnic in the Park, you can read more about that on my Events page. It was such a joy to put on and I can't wait to throw more events in future. 

I love a good chin-wag so feel free to catch up with me on Twitter: @sarahaannn - twitter.com/sarahaannn 
and I'm obsessed with Instagram at the moment so catch me there too: @sarahaannn -instagram.com/sarahaannn/
or maybe we could be pin-pals: @sarahaannn - uk.pinterest.com/sarahaannn/

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at: itssarahannblog@gmail.com 
For details on working with me please go to my Contact Me page

Enjoy your time browsing and snooping and be sure to check back soon!

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